Overuse Injuries in Baseball

The World Series begins this week! Some of the most common injuries in baseball are overuse injuries. The major leaguers are susceptible to these types of injuries, but so are recreational athletes. Practice is important when you are on a team, but sometimes too much practice can cause a setback in the form of an overuse injury.

Shoulders and elbows are prone to injury in baseball. Athletes can damage the UCL or Ulnar Collateral Ligament at the elbow from repetitive throwing and/or pitching. This is the most common elbow injury in baseball athletes. Typically, a throw leads with the elbow to generate the force of the throw. This puts a lot of stress on the elbow; specifically the ligament on the inside of the elbow.

Baseball overuse injuries are often preventable by stretching, gradual increase in force and repetitions while throwing, taking rest days, and practicing good mechanics. Do not underestimate the need for rest. Trying switching to a different baseball related activity like batting, base running, or field work to allow your throwing arm some time to rest.

Pay attention to your body. If you are in pain stop performing the aggravating activity and seek help. It is always better to treat an overuse injury early before it becomes something more serious. Save your fastball for that clean-up batter!

See the attached article for more details on prevention strategies and throwing/pitching suggestions:

Baseball-Related Injury Prevention

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