Back Belts

Back Belts

Back belts are typically worn by individuals performing some form of manual handling. They are placed along the low back area and cinched tight during manual handling tasks.

People often wear back belts because they feel it gives them more support. However, research suggests that back belts provide minimal reduction in compressive force and do not reduce the risk of injury. Some research has even found that the highest compressive and shearing forces in the spine occur when wearing a back belt. There is also evidence that back belts do not reduce strain on muscles, tendons, or ligaments. They do not reduce fatigue or increase the ability to lift a certain weight.

The concern is that wearing a back belt can provide a false sense of security, protection, and increased lifting ability. Back braces are effective in restricting movement during surgery recovery, but there is little scientific evidence to support that wearing a back belt can reduce rates of injury in workers.

See the attached article for more information about back belts. Back Belts

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