Back Supports

Do lumbar supports or back braces prevent low back pain or injury? The answer may surprise you.

Studies show that there is no difference between individuals who used back supports and those who received no treatment or education on lifting techniques in back pain prevention. The studies have not been able to conclude that back supports are helpful in preventing back injury. In fact, some experts believe that the false sense of security may encourage individuals to lift more heavy items or do more than they would ordinarily do without the back support.

This debate typically brings about strong arguments from each side, but the bottom line is that there is no replacement for strength and ergonomics. Some studies indicate that back supports are better than nothing, but the studies are often of low quality on this matter.

The best thing you can do to prevent back pain or injury is to exercise regularly to build up muscle strength and practice good lifting and movement technique. There is no “quick fix” or substitute for safe practices and a healthy lifestyle.

See the attached article that details the results of a study on lumbar supports in plan language:  Back Support Info

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