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The NBA lost one of its brightest young stars on Wednesday to a major injury. Victor Oladipo, guard for the Indiana Pacers, suffered a ruptured quadriceps tendon in his right leg when playing defense against the Toronto Raptors on January …

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Please follow us as we continue our How-To Series: Planking. The plank exercise is a challenging exercise that strengthens various muscles in the upper and lower body with a strong emphasis on the core. This isometric strengthening exercise is able …

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The Olympic Games are undoubtedly a major platform for athletes to display their skills, determination, and patriotism for the world on a global stage. Olympic athletes tend to have the capacity to recover from injury quicker, stronger, and more impressively …

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Please follow us as we continue our How-To Series and learn about decreasing your risk of injury at work. It is important to understand proper office ergonomics especially when that is an activity you will be doing more most of …

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Continue to follow us through the How-To Series as we discuss proper lifting technique. Proper lifting techniques are important and effective in preventing back pain and injury. Follow these guidelines in order to utilize ergonomic advantages during lifting activities. How-To: Execute …

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