Computer Ergonomics

Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day. Office ergonomics is very important and is often overlooked. Different postures for your back is just like exercise for your spine muscles. Learn how to set up your desk and computer to agree with proper computer ergonomics.

The computer setup is one of the more important things you can adjust to ensure proper sitting ergonomics. Your eyes should look down toward the monitor at a 15% angle. Your wrists should be straight, and your body should be aligned squarely in front of the keyboard and monitor. The chair should have adequate back support, and mini-breaks are essential to keep your back healthy.

There are many positions that your body adopts because of a poor office setup. Check elbow, shoulder, head, neck, wrist, and foot positioning. Each body part should be properly supported. A slight shift in your keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone, or desk chair could make a huge difference. The desk adjustments may feel better immediately, but sometimes it can take a few days or weeks before the body adapts. Be patient.

Thank an administrative professional for all of their hard work by giving them the gift of proper office ergonomics. The benefits will last them a lifetime.

See the attached article for more details on computer setup and ways to trouble shoot for comfort:  Computer Ergonomics

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