Foot Sprain

Foot Sprain

This week we witnessed the thrilling conclusion of the NCAA men’s basketball championship. Foot sprains are common injuries in basketball. A foot sprain is an injury to a ligament in the foot. Ligaments are bands of tissue that connect bone to bone.

A foot sprain is caused by twisting or bending the foot beyond normal limitations. This typically happens when one stumbles on an uneven surface, lands awkwardly from a jump, or from kicking a firm or stationary object. Symptoms include pain, swelling, tenderness in the foot, and difficulty walking.

Treatment may include ice, elevation, wrapping for swelling control, crutches, anti-inflammatory medication, and strengthening exercises. It is important to limit participation in activity with a foot sprain, since any amount of weight bearing pressure can prevent healing to occur. Full range of motion, full strength, and pain-free running and jumping are some indications that healing has finished and one can resume normal activities.

See the attached article for more details on treatment and prevention of a foot sprain. Foot Sprain

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