Golf Injuries

Time for The Players Championship! There are over 12 million adult golfers in the world, and the average golfer plays 37 rounds per year. 80 % of golf injuries are related to overuse.

Golf injuries are typically chronic, but golfers and bystanders are at risk from a stray ball, golf clubs thrown in anger, or golf clubs lost in a wayward backswing. The most common golf injury is low back pain. Elbow and shoulder pain are also very common injuries. Professional golfers experience a higher incidence of wrist pain as well.

Low back pain is often as a result of a powerful rotation and extension in the golf swing. Professional golfers can generate a club head speed that is over 120 mph! Increase the range of motion of the lumbar spine extension and rotation of the lead hip to help decrease low back pain. Get assistance with carrying your golf bag in order to relieve the strain on your back.

Golf and tennis elbow injuries in golfers are often a result of poor swing mechanics. Warm up before play, stretch and strengthen the upper extremities, and perhaps take some lessons with a golf pro in order to reduce injury occurrence.

Make sure you are able to enjoy that nice relaxing game of golf with your friends and co-workers by correcting your technique and preventing injuries!

See the attached article for more prevention and treatment details for golf injuries:  Golf Injuries

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