Golfers Elbow

The US Open provokes us to focus on a common golf injury: Golfer’s Elbow or Medial Epicondylitis. It is a type of tendonitis caused by a repetitive strong grip with wrist flexion while swinging a golf club or even a racquet. This injury can also be seen in the workplace when a job requires a similar demand on the body.

There are several risk factors that may predispose someone to getting Golfer’s Elbow. They include weak muscles, overuse, improper equipment, and poor technique. Treatment includes getting rest, icing, stretching, strengthening, medication, a brace, and possibly surgery.

Prevention is the key to avoiding tendonitis. Make sure you always warm up before performing an exercise, sport, or a job task. Make sure your tool is appropriate in weight and grip size. Focus on technique whether it is a golf stroke or a job task. Stretch daily and strengthen the muscles you use the most during activities in which you participate.

Get yourself ready for the game or for a job task by taking preventative measures to ensure you are healthy enough to perform. Always be the best you!

See the attached article for stretches and exercises to prevent or treat medial epicondylitis:  Medial epicondylitis (Golfer elbow) rehabilitation

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