Got Shoulder Pain??

Do you have an old shoulder injury that flares up during or after a pick-up game?  There are several aspects to the shoulder joint, so that it can perform a variety of movements and functions. Many types of injuries are possible, and it is important to act quickly to rehabilitate and/or prevent shoulder injury.

The shoulder and the rest of the upper extremity is very dynamic. Some experts believe the upper extremity can assume about 1,600 different positions. That capability leads the shoulder to be quite susceptible to injury. The shoulder joint gets stability from four muscles called the rotator cuff. These muscles are often the victims of shoulder injuries.

Chronic shoulder pain is the most common upper extremity injury in athletes. Some causes of chronic shoulder pain include fractures, dislocations or subluxations, sprains, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, muscle tears, and arthritis. These injuries can occur for several reasons including after falling onto the shoulder, with overuse, due to poor posture, and from improper exercise technique.

There are several good practice measures to take care of an injured shoulder or to prevent injury altogether. Employ proper posture techniques, maintain strength and flexibility, and perform exercises with correct and safe techniques.

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