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Injury prevention can save your company thousands of dollars in direct medical costs. It can also prevent OSHA recordable injuries, Loss Time Incidences, and improve workplace safety. Invest in prevention not only for a healthier bottom line, but for a healthier and happier workforce.

Depending on the source that you reference, the healthcare bill for 2014 was over $3 Trillion.  With such a high cost to the healthcare system, Americans are obviously very healthy and living long, high quality lives…right??  Wrong!  The United States is by far the most expensive healthcare system on the planet, but, when compared to other developed nations, the life expectancy in the US ranks 36th!   In our capitalistic economy, the more you spend on a good or service, the higher quality you should get out of it.  For example, if you pay cash for a 2015 Mercedes Benz, you would expect to get a higher quality automobile than if you paid cash for a 2000 Ford Escort.  More money…better car.  This principle does not apply to healthcare, where more money…does not equal better healthcare.  Why do we spend the most money on healthcare and yet the health of our nation ranks 36th?

The answer is there is a huge lack of VALUE in our healthcare system.  The sickest 20% of the patients in the US are consuming roughly 80% of all healthcare dollars being spent due to the high prevalence of CHRONIC DISEASE.  Examples of chronic disease are Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Musculoskeletal Disorders, like osteoarthritis.  The issue lies in healthcare delivery.  If a healthcare service does not work for an individual…you can’t return it!  You can’t go to your doctor and ask for a refund if a cancer treatment doesn’t work for you or a loved one!   There’s no guarantee on the patient that healthcare services will work for you.  That is the way our healthcare system has been built.  There is a severe lack of VALUE!

Working professionals with organizational influence need to THINK DIFFERENTLY about healthcare, healthcare service exchange and healthcare VALUE…especially when dealing with your most valuable assets…YOUR WORKFORCE!

There are some very promising studies being published about the use of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science as a means of employer-based injury PREVENTION.  PREVENTION is the key to cost control.  Sports Medicine and Exercise Science best practice protocols used in the workplace as a means of injury prevention for “Occupational Athletes” has been show to return a VALUE of $4 to $1, all the way up to $18 to $1 in some employers.  The secret is musculoskeletal injury prevention.  When you can prevent an injury from going off-site to see a workers compensation physician, it not only saves direct medical costs, but also prevents OSHA recordable injuries, Loss Time Incidences and improves workplace safety.  Injuries cost companies Time and Money.  Injuries also cost pain, suffering and lost wages for employees.  Work injuries also bring the risk of law suits.

PREVENTION IS THE KEY!!  We need to fundamentally change healthcare delivery in the United States.  Employers offering more comprehensive preventative services in the workplace that return a high level of VALUE is a great way to start healthcare cost control in the US.

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