Holiday shopping can be a huge pain in the….knees??

Is knee pain preventing you from walking long distances this Holiday Season? Are you struggling to go from store to store for some last-minute shopping? Knee pain can be caused by several different individual or combination of factors. One common knee injury is Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome or PFPS.

PFPS occurs when the musculature in the thigh is unbalanced in strength and/or flexibility. The muscle imbalance causes the knee cap to track improperly through the normal groove in the knee joint. Some examples include foot pronation or other foot problems, weak lateral hip muscles, genu valgum or knock-kneed, and a larger Q-angle (the angle from the front of the hip to the center of the knee cap).

It is best not to dismiss mild and nagging knee pain even if you are able to continue your normal routine. Things to avoid include sitting with your knee bent for a long period of time, walking a lot, going up and down stairs, and certain types of exercise. These activities not always avoidable, but they are modifiable. Sit with you knee straight, take frequent walking breaks, take stairs one step at a time using the good leg, and get creative with exercises to avoid the aggravating ones.

Increase your hip strength and flexibility to avoid knee pain related to muscle imbalance. See the attached article for hip stretches and exercises that can reverse the symptoms of PFPS. Give your body the gift that keeps on giving this Holiday Season.

For more information on how to prevent Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome, click the following link:   Patello-Femoral Pain Syndrome

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