Water is the most essential component of the human body. More than half of the human body is composed of water, and it is impossible to sustain life without it.

Water is lost during exercise due to an elevation in body temperature which leads to sweating. The amount of water loss depends on the intensity and duration of exercise, environmental conditions, clothing, and metabolic rate. The evaporation of sweat is the primary mechanism of heat loss during exercise.

Thirst or dry mouth is the first sign of dehydration. It is best to beat dehydration before it starts by paying attention to your body, and drinking water and electrolytes before thirst kicks in. A good way to monitor dehydration after physical activity is to check your weight before and after exercise. Over a one percent loss in body weight indicates dehydration and over five percent indicates serious dehydration.

Prevention is the key to staying hydrated before, during and activity. Drink 16-20 oz. before exercise and 8-12 oz. 10-15 minutes before exercise. Drink 3-8 oz. every 15-20 minutes during exercise. Finally, Drink 20-24 oz. for every one pound of body weight lost during exercise.

See the attached article for more details on dehydration including more signs and symptoms, complications, prevention, and information about over hydration. Hydration for Fitness

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