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Today is Labor Day and at IPS we celebrate the workforce by keeping them healthy and getting them back to work after injury.

Workers today push themselves through pain and injury because they know they would have to miss work in order to let that pain or injury go away or heal. This creates a more complicated situation for a worker with a more serious injury and being forced to leave work anyways since they cannot perform the job they are hired to do while injured.

This most commonly occurs in occupations where someone routinely uses their body as a part of their job. This could be someone who carries heavy boxes or works on the line in a manufacturing plant. Even office workers suffer injuries that prevent them from sitting at their desk for 8 long hours every day and 5 days a week.

IPS performs ergonomic evaluations to discover improper technique or office setup, promotes wellness through general health and fitness, and adds flexibility and strength to the workforce’s daily routine. These tactics help to get employees back to work quicker and keep them there with less chance of re-injury.

See the attached article for more details on industrial rehab and the benefits for any workforce subset:  Worksite Rehabilitation Info

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