Is the Workers Compensation system broken??

The Workers’ Compensation system is breaking. States can vary in compensation for the same injury by as much as $200,000. Injury prevention is one method to protect the American Worker from a failing system.

The findings suggest that many states are continuing to make it more difficult for workers to collect benefits when they are injured on the job. They often cut employees off from receiving benefits after a certain period of time even if the employee is not completely healed or recovered. Employers and insurers can usually control medical decisions leaving workers with less freedom to choose their own doctors.

The cutbacks and apparent disregard for workers’ livelihoods and families have left individuals unable to make ends meet. These injured workers can end up forced from their homes and into less than ideal living situations. They may end up using government funded programs like food stamps which shifts the cost onto taxpayers.

Injury prevention will not correct the Workers’ Comp system, but it can help protect workers from ending up in a situation that is largely out of their control. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

See the attached the following article from ProPublica for some of the stories detailing the flaws in Workers’ Compensation: The Demolition of Workers Comp (by ProPublica)

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