Pre-Activity Lower Body Stretching

Are you active on the weekends? Do you play in a slow-pitch softball league or do you just like to go to the park and play a game of pick-up basketball? Maybe you like to play a game of tennis on Saturday mornings! Whatever your chosen activity is, you need to make sure to stretch out those legs.

Before you start playing your favorite activity, try this out… Go for a light jog for about 1 minute just to get your blood pumping. Then, find a nice spot in the grass or on the court and try this leg stretching routine out. While stretching, pay particular attention to area on your legs that you feel the stretch.

Then, throughout your activity, continue to stretch those muscles out…especially in the area that you know you will be sore in tomorrow morning! These stretches should help you reduce your risk of developing overuse injuries. Also, for all sore muscles, remember to use ice! Now, let’s play ball!

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