Prevention of Golf Injuries

The PGA Championship is upon us! There has been an increase in popularity of golf over the past 10-15 years which coincides with an increase in golf injuries, as well.

The statistics tell us that low back pain is the most common injury or complaint. The next most common golf injuries are elbow and shoulder pain. Amateur golfers experience more elbow problems due to a common technique variation.

A proper warm-up is one way to prevent injury. Perform some simple stretches and hit a bucket of balls on the driving range. It is also possible to prevent injury by strengthening the back and upper extremity muscles. First, strengthening the forearm muscles may slow the swing to decrease the shock absorption in the elbow. Secondly, the rotational stress of a golf swing can place increased pressure on the spine which can lead to serious injuries.

Stretching can be done daily and several times throughout the day. Strengthening exercises may be done three to four times a week. Progress yourself as you get stronger as long as there is no pain.

See the attached article for more details on preventing golf injuries with several examples of stretching and strengthening exercises: Preventing Golf Injuries

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