Salute to the Armed Forces

Armed Forces Day reminds us how often those in the military get injured. Army soldiers have a rate of injury of 2500 injuries for every 1000 soldiers. That means each soldier could suffer a musculoskeletal injury at least twice a year.

The low back, knee, ankle, and shoulders are the most commonly injured body parts in the military. Sprains, strains, and contusions account for more than half of the primary diagnoses. These can occur when individuals in the military undergo heavy and prolonged training. Their body may be weakened due to lack of adequate rest and recovery time.

Everyone in the Armed Forces must seriously consider injury prevention as a top priority. Those in leadership roles must certainly enforce injury prevention tactics. The medical professionals can provide the appropriate information, but unit leaders are in a more ideal position to implement and enforce injury prevention changes.

Help celebrate Armed Forces Day by “arming” the heavily trained military with injury prevention tips and strategies.

See the attached article for a link to an online video course that offers more details on military injuries and how to prevent them:  Modern Military Injuries

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