Occupational Athlete

Our “Occupational Athlete” program is a comprehensive injury prevention program that brings sports medicine and exercise science best practices into the workplace. We take the same programs that football, basketball and soccer athletes use on the sports fields and bring them to your “Occupational Athletes” so they can prepare their own bodies to meet the functional demands of their workplace.


man bending working and baseball catcher bending

The Occupational Athlete Program

Company Injury Data Mining & Root Cause Analysis
Worksite tour with comprehensive risk-factor analysis
The Occupational Athlete” employee training class
  • 45-55 minute training class covering the 6 Occupational Athlete Injury Prevention Core Principles
  • Employers may schedule up to 5 training classes per day and up to 5 full days of training per week to ensure ALL employees within the company receive this valuable training course.
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift coverage! Day or Night! Early or Late! IPS is there to conduct onsite training at a time that fits your schedule!
Customized employee stretch and strengthening routines Employees receive hard copies; Employer receives printable electronic files
Injury Prevention Promotional Resources Posters, Flyers, E-Blast emails ect.
“Train-the-Trainer” Injury Prevention Kit
  • One-on-one training session to cover the recommended “Injury Prevention Calendar”
  • Web-based training resources. Youtube Videos of education courses to use at future Employee Training sessions
  • Electronic copies of all current and future promotional & educational materials
Regular IPS follow to ensure Injury Prevention training follow-up

chart of ergonomics and occupational athleteThe occupational athlete program is designed for easy implementation and our post-training materials provided to the employer allow the course content to stay fresh on your “occupational athletes” minds.

The Occupational Athlete Program is an employer-based injury prevention training curriculum that is the perfect complement to any workplace ergonomics program that you may already have in place.

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the workplace to the worker…..the Occupational Athlete Program is the science of fitting employees to the workplace!

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Let the Injury Prevention Specialists with over 30 years of experience in the Occupational Medicine analyze your company data.