Workforce Readiness

Workforce readiness is a strategy used to ensure that company employees have the skills, competencies and behaviors to succeed in today’s workplace.  All too often, an employer’s workforce is weakened by musculoskeletal injury, thus hurting the bottom line.  Implement these IPS Workforce Readiness Injury Prevention programs into your Human Resources strategies to optimize employee output while reducing company injury rates.  IPS will ensure your employees are ready to woman stretching arms at desksafely and efficiently meet the functional demands of the workplace.
Workforce Readiness strategies include:

  • Comprehensive Job Analysis:
    – Defining Essential Functions
    – Functional Job Descriptions (FJP’s)
    – Physical Demands Analysis (PDA’s)
  • Post Offer Employment Testing (POET’s)
  • Transitional Duty Programs
  • Job Rotations

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