Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is not limited to athletes or sport activities. Daily activities and job tasks can cause a shoulder injury with repetitive use or with a single awkward movement.

A shoulder injury can either be chronic or acute depending on the mechanism of injury. Manual labor and house tasks that take a longer time can cause a chronic shoulder injury. An improper lift or reaching or pulling movements that put strain on the shoulder joint may cause an acute shoulder injury. Most shoulder pain is not serious and can respond to simple treatment.

Avoid the painful activity once it is determined to be the causative action. Rest and seek out diagnostic testing if rest and avoidance do not resolve the issue after a few days. Seek out a healthcare provider if pain is severe, the shoulder joint will not move, or if there is weakness or sensation loss in the arm.

Injury prevention is important in keeping the shoulder strong and pain-free, as always. Take some time to review your daily activities for potential causes of chronic shoulder pain. You may not be a full-time professional athlete, but your shoulder joint enables you to perform activities in your daily life that keep you happy and/or keep you at work. It’s worth some healthy attention!

See the attached article for more details and for ideas on rehabilitation exercises:  Shoulder Exercises

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