St Patricks Day and Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

St. Patrick’s Day in the United States has widely become a holiday dedicated to overindulging in the consumption of alcohol. Be mindful of the signs of alcohol poisoning when surrounded by binge drinkers.

There are certain characteristics that make some people more susceptible to alcohol poisoning. Young people often do not know when they have had too much to drink. Females, shorter and lighter individuals, and those with an empty stomach tend to absorb alcohol in the blood stream faster. People that are in poor health are usually more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. Those who are on medications and mix alcohol can magnify the effects and increase their risk of overdose.

Signs of alcohol poisoning include unconsciousness, confusion or stupor, no sensitivity to touch, vomiting while sleeping, seizing, slow or irregular breathing, and pale or blue skin due to low body temperature. It is important to recognize these symptoms immediately because a victim can choke on their own vomit, they may stop breathing altogether, their heart could stop beating, and severe dehydration could cause permanent brain damage or death.

The only thing that reverses the effects of alcohol is time. Be smart and pace yourself.

See the following article for more details on alcohol poisoning:  Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

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