Stress Season

Many individuals will be getting money back from the IRS this tax season, but there are those who will be paying a large sum of money in taxes this year. Read on to learn how to manage stress in your life.

Stress is a hormonal response to demands or challenges in your life. It increases alertness and energy in order to assist with overcoming a particular situation. These responses are normal and often welcome, but when the stress remains for an extended period of time it can negatively affect your health.

Too much stress can leave you feeling fatigued, tense, anxious, or overwhelmed. Be aware of your stress levels so you can decide how to relieve some demands on yourself. Analyze different pressures that you place on yourself and see if you can make changes. Take charge of unwanted stressors and learn about different ways to handle stress. Time management, a healthy diet, and exercise are always great methods of stress management.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Be sure to know how to handle the stress associated with filing your taxes.

See the attached article for more information on coping with stress:  What is stress?

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