Stress is the body’s response to protect itself from a threat or a challenge. Hormones flood the body, which elevate heart rate, increase blood pressure, and boost energy. Without breaks between stressors, the body is stuck in “fight or flight” which can cause serious health consequences.

Studies have shown that sudden emotional stresses, like anger, can trigger heart attacks, heart arrhythmias, and even death. This happens mostly with people who already have heart disease, but many people don’t know they have a problem until acute stress causes a heart attack. The longer the stress lasts the worse the effects are upon the mind and body. Fatigue, inability to concentrate, or irritability are some symptoms of chronic stress.

In order to reduce stress, identify the cause and minimize the effects, build strong and positive relationships, walk away when angry, rest your mind, and get help. Stress is controllable with the right attitude and support system.

See the attached article for more details about stress and how to manage it. Stress

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