Tennis Elbow


Time for Wimbledon which means it is time to talk about elbow pain. Statistics indicate that one half of all tennis players will suffer from elbow tendonitis/tendinosis. It is an overuse injury resulting from repetitive motion events frequently found in certain sports or work related activities.

Contributing factors when one develops elbow tendinosis include poor technique, weak shoulder and wrist muscles, too much string tension, improperly sized grip, hitting heavy, wet, or dead balls, and hitting off-center on the racket. These same exact factors can apply with regard to an occupational athlete.

The symptoms usually appear gradually. They include difficulty extending or straightening the elbow, dull ache at rest, pain when grasping, pain radiating down arm, and sharp twinges during or after activity.

Treatment involves protection of the elbow joint, rest, ice, compression, elevation, medications, and different modalities. One should also modify intensity, duration, and technique of forearm activity. Use proper size and type of equipment and use counter force bracing.

See the attached article that details tennis and golfers elbow prevention and treatment strategies. Tennis Elbow Information

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