Value of an Onsite Athletic Trainer

What is an athletic trainer? Can athletic trainers benefit occupational athletes? An athletic trainer, or AT, provides value to athletes of all skill types. ATs can treat both acute and chronic injuries as they relate to traditional or occupational athletes. This value is especially visible in the workplace because an AT presence also reduces Workers’ Comp expenses and OSHA recordability rates.

Athletic trainers cater to occupational athletes by focusing on injury prevention and ergonomics. Athletic trainers are highly skilled at delivering onsite injury first aid (as defined by OSHA), as well as introducing regular stretch and strengthening programs that are tailored to individual job risks. ATs also perform ergonomic assessments as needed and in high risk areas. They brainstorm with management and recommend ergonomic corrections in order to minimize the risk of injury.

In addition, ATs are professionally trained first responders that can react quickly during an emergency. The combination of emergency response with attention to injury prevention makes the value of athletic trainers immeasurable in the workplace.

See the following article for case study details on the power of Athletic Trainer based injury prevention:  Employer-Based Athletic Trainer Case Study

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