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Most people will suffer with some sort of back pain at least once in their lifetime. It can render someone almost useless if left untreated. This article reviews 12 back exercises that you can do to help prevent injury and recover from one.

Muscle spasms most commonly afflict someone with back pain. The muscle cramps up or spasms in order to protect the spine when you make an awkward bend or twist. Sometimes sneezing or coughing can cause the back muscles to go into spasm.

Regular exercise, at least 2 or 3 times a week, is the best way to prevent back pain. Secondly, use good body mechanics both at home and at work. Bend at the knees while lifting something or bending down. Proper posture and maintaining a healthy weight are also invaluable methods to prevent back pain.

Back pain is the most common medical problem in the United States. Take care of your back and it will take care of you!

See the attached article for 12 stretches and exercises that will help to prevent back injury:  Back Injury Prevention

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