What a pain in the neck…and the back!!

The holiday season can mean busy times at work and putting in those overtime hours. The long work shifts combined with a busy personal agenda can put added stress on the neck and back. The extended time sitting with poor posture or performing an aggravating task can definitely cause some unwanted discomfort.

Contributing factors to neck and back pain include poor posture, stress which increases neck tension, sleeping in an awkward position, looking upward for an extended period of time, and chronic changes at the neck due to age and eye wear. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications are suggested to help reduce pain and inflammation.

It is very important to use proper posture while sitting, especially for long hours at a time. Take frequent breaks from sitting and follow proper ergonomic suggestions. Eye strain is also important to avoid. Look away from your screen at least every 20 minutes. Be sure to break up repetitive and bothersome tasks by taking frequent breaks. Switch tasks and use different muscle groups. Be sure to utilize team lifting whenever possible.

The spine can easily be forgotten in all the hustle and bustle. The resulting pain can certainly interfere with work productivity as well as the enjoyment from participating in the many activities surrounding the holiday season. Be sure to take care of your neck and back in every way you can. Your spine can be just as supportive as a gathering of good friends and family if you treat it well.

See the following attachment for more information on controlling and preventing neck and back pain:  Preventing Neck & Back Pain

See the following attachment for a daily neck stretching routine:  Neck & Upper Back Stretches

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