Why IPS?

What You Need

  • We are the experts in workplace injury prevention.  Our innovative approach utilizes sports medicine and exercise science best practice models so your employees, or “Occupational Athletes”, can benefit from the same proven injury prevention programs used by professional athletes.
  • With over 30 years of experience in the occupational and sports medicine fields, IPS brings a fresh approach to the prevention of workplace injuries.   Our team of certified athletic trainers (AT’s) are specialty trained athletic therapists that bring sports medicine research into the workplace to battle work-related injuries at their root cause.
  • Whether you’re a large company or a small employer, workplace injuries can hurt your bottom line.  When there are too many workplace injuries, OSHA starts to notice.  This is notoriety that no employer desires.  Let the Injury Prevention Specialists do what we do best…decrease workers compensation claims, OSHA recordable injuries and DART rates (Days Away / Restricted or Transfer rates) all while preventing future work-related injuries.


We incorporate sports medicine and exercise science-based injury prevention programs to insure your Occupational Athletes function at their best.


We are comprised of specialty-trained, board-certified and state-licensed sports medicine teams with over 30 years of injury prevention proficiency.


Our clients include global Fortune 500 corporations and small business entities.  IPS has implemented programs for manufacturers, warehouses, aviation maintenance, services industries and office employees.

What We Do

We provide employer-based, OSHA compliant injury prevention programs that foster immediate results.

  • The Onsite AT:   Onsite “Athletic Therapists” managing employer-based medical facilities.
  • The “Occupational Athlete” Program:   An all-inclusive, turn-key injury prevention program, complete with a “train-the-trainer” component and all materials needed for a comprehensive, year-round injury prevention initiative.
  • Workplace Ergonomics:   IPS employs Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialists that take traditional workplace ergonomics to a whole new level.
  • Workforce Readiness:    As workers continue to age toward retirement, their risk of injury dramatically increases.
  • First Response Team Training:   Are you able to handle a workplace emergency?
  • Consulting:    We can help lower those medical expenses and directly increase your revenue.

How it Helps

chart of reduction in workers comp expensesIPS works with companies of all sizes and from different sectors. From small employers to large Fortune 500 companies; from manufacturers to warehouses to technology consultants…IPS has an injury prevention solution for all. Injury Prevention is a sustainable, expense reducing, employee safety program with real quantifiable results.

chart showing reduction in OSHA recordability rate


  • This self-insured Fortune 500 Company with approximately 350 production and 150 office employees was averaging approximately $300,000.00 in direct workers compensation expenses and had an annual OSHA Recordable Rate that was almost double the industry average.
  •  This company implemented the “Onsite AT” and in 18 months their workers compensation expenses were reduced by over 90% and their OSHA Recordability Rate was reduced by 80%.
  • Over the course of eight years of Onsite AT clinical operations, this company has saved over $2million in direct workers compensation expenses and has prevented over 250 OSHA Recordable Injuries.
  • This particular company has been nationally recognized as a safety site of excellence and other company sites throughout the US have started to adopt their model of injury prevention.
  • These numbers and this company’s’ success story is not an isolated incident. IPS services produce real return on investment and prevent real injuries from occurring.


  • IPS partnered with a medium-sized manufacturing employer of approximately 120 employees and in two short months:
  • PREVENTED over $36,000 in direct worker’s compensation costs
  • Equaling a $15-to-$1 return on investment
  • IPS has a proven model of injury prevention. Contact us today to discuss how we can produce the same results for your company.